Contoh Soal Toefl Grammar Simple Sentences 1

Berikut ini contoh soal latihan toefl grammar topik simple sentences. Saya kasih sedikit tips untuk belajar toefl parts grammar, kalian sering-seringlah melihat kalimat di soal dan jawabannya sehingga tahu pola kalimat. Jadi pas ketemu soal lainnya yang setipe kamu bisa mengira-ngira jawabannya meski gak tahu rumusnya karena pernah baca pola yang seperti itu.
Soal Toefl Grammar Simple Sentences
1. Harry Gilbert,_________, found an old rotted goatskin pouch while he wa walking on a Forida beach.
A. he is a fisherman
B. a fisherman
C. that he is a fisherman
D. a fisherman that

2. Theological tyranny_____of The Book of Urizen.
A. is the subject
B. being the subject
C. it is the subject
D. the subject

3. Escherichia coli is a common bacterium_______the intenstinal tracts of humans and animals.
A. inhabitats
B. inhabiting
C. it inhabitats
D. can inhabit

4. Ukraine_____for its vast plains called steppes.
A. is famous
B. famous
C. it is famous
D. that is famous

5. Detergent breaks the oil into tiny droplets______in water.
A. suspended
B. suspending
C. are suspended
D. are suspending

6. In addition to its high frequency,________has other qualities that disthinguish it from sound that is audible to human beings.
A. ultrasound
B. ultrasound that
C. when ultrasound
D. ultrasound, it

1. B   2.A   3.B   4.A   5.A   6.A